The Senate Friday unanimously passed 'The National Commission for Human Rights Bill-2012'.

The last session of the present Senate was held on Friday under Chairman Senate Farooq H. Naek, during the session, Leader of the House Senator Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari moved the bill.

According to the bill, a Supreme Court judge or an expert on human rights issues will head the commission while Pakistani forces and the intelligence agencies would also be answerable to the commission. The commission has the authority to visit any jail or a detention centre.

This bill would bring Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) under the direct supervision of the government and they wouldn’t be able to take or appeal for external financial help without prior permission of the state.

JUI Senator Professor Khursheed Ahmed said that under this bill no NGO would get direct financial support from anywhere. He said that the courts for human rights would also be established.

“Parliament had already approved the bill now Senate approval has turned it into a law. This will pave a way for protection of human rights in the country”, he added.