LAHORE – TNS Beaconhouse has been accredited as Lahore’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and only the second in Pakistan. Making the announcement at a press conference at a local hotel, Beaconhouse Chief Executive Kasim Kasuri said, this major milestone has been reached after a rigorous 3-year accreditation process and is in line with the TNS commitment to provide an innovative and robust educational pathway for its students. Kasuri also mentioned that the IB is granted the requisite equivalence to local qualifications through the IBCC (Inter-Committee Board of Chairmen) in Pakistan.

Mr Clive Barnes, TNS Head of School, displayed the school’s accreditation certificate issued by IB world headquarters in Geneva and elaborated on the factors that distinguish the IB from other systems of learning. Mr Barnes brings to TNS 10 years of experience of having run IB schools around the world.