RAWALPINDI – The water tanker of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) crushed a two-year-old child to death in Awan Colony here on Thursday.

The area residents got angered after the incident and pelted the WASA tanker with stones, besides blocking main road for traffic while the drive managed to escape from the scene.  Reportedly, Station House Officer (SHO) PS Piwadhai Malik Tahir also denied to file a case against the driver of civic body on the complaint of the victim’s father, saying: “The parents should take care of their children themselves after giving them birth instead of leaving them free in the streets. Why does a child wander in street?” However, the water tanker was impounded in police station.

According to detail, a WASA tanker bearing registration number WASA-10 arrived in Street Number 1 to fill water in a house. The driver was getting reversed his tanker when he heard a noise made by area resident that a two year old child Muhammad Tahir son of Muhammad Zahir was crushed by him. The child later was shifted to Holy Family Hospital (HFH) where he was pronounced died by the doctors.

A large number of area residents got infuriated and threw stones towards the tanker whereas the driver managed to escape from the scene. Police refused to register FIR against the accused diver on the complaint of the victim father. SHO Malik Tahir, according to some eyewitnesses, rejected the application of the poor father saying “He should protect his children after giving them birth”.

PS Pirwadhai SHO Malik Tahir, during an interaction, first rebuffed the allegations leveled against him but after admitted that he asked the parents to shield their children by themselves instead of leaving them free in the streets. He said that it was the prime duty of the parents to do care for their children.

He informed that the dispute has been settled between the two parties after the parents stated that they did not want to pursue the case against any one.