ISLAMABAD  - Sri Lankan Acting High Commissioner to Pakistan EAS Vijayanth Edirisinghe appreciated Pakistanis support for Sri Lankan team in the final of the Asia Cup.
She expressed these views while talking exclusively to The Nation on Saturday at National Press Club (NPC) where she was the chief guest as 70 inches large screen was installed in the NPC premises to live telecast the final between the two countries. She said: “I am really touched with the way people here lend whole-hearted support to both teams, especially Sri Lankan team, as I had never witnessed while a home team is playing and the people lend such a support.”
She said: winning or losing doesn't matter as Sri Lanka and Pakistan enjoy cordial relations in almost every field and cricket is the game, which binds people of both countries. The team which plays well on the day deserves to win the encounter, she added.
“I had come here on the special invitation of NPC president Sharyar Khan and I am very pleased I was given the honour to watch such a festivity where people are enjoying cricket and it doesn't matter who is winning or losing. That is the spirit as we must take this as a game, not as a war. I congratulate NPC and the journalists’ families to make this event a significant one. I am going to remember this for the rest of my life, people had given my country tremendous love and respect, which I can't even expect from any other part of the world”, Vijayanth concluded.
Meanwhile sharing her views Senator Sehar Kamran Tamgha-e-Imtiaz said: “I am thrilled. The way journalists have arranged such a carnival like atmosphere and the way the families and especially the kids are enjoying the match is a treat to watch. Our nation is in dire need of such activities on regular basis.
She said we must take this as a sport and not make it as a matter of life and death. “Cricketers are our national heroes no matter they win or lose. We must not unduly criticize them. They had carried the green and white flag high and they are the true ambassadors of the country.”