An anti-terrorism court recently announced sentences in the murder case of a reporter Wali Khan Babar, awarding death penalty to two and life imprisonment to four accused. This is a just and timely decision and will be a harbinger of more convictions in terrorism cases. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his election campaign had publically committed to punish the killers of Wali Khan Babar and to enact effective laws to ensure conviction of all terrorists. In this scenario the Pakistan Protection Ordinance, a document that declares all peace-disrupting elements as ‘enemies of the state’ will strengthen the writ of the state. This ordinance will improve the country’s precarious security situation and strengthen the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 and help improve the trial system for speedy justice.

The anti terror trial of the murderers of Wali Khan, under the laws promulgated, puts us on a pathway to justice. It is a message to terrorists that they will not be tolerated under any circumstance and that if they continue their heinous and barbaric acts they will be dealt with strictly.  Wali Khan Babar - a journalist - was gunned down in Liaqatabad area of Karachi on January 13, 2011 when he was returning home from his office. With the conclusion of the said trial people can now be assured that known terrorists will not be spared and that our justice system is up for the task of providing them justice.


Lahore, March 4.