I have an account with UBL Civic Centre Branch, Karachi where one of my checks was not honoured. A check is a statement that promises that you have money in your account and if it bounces, for any reason, it gives a declaration in the market that your credit is not good. After the bank bounced my check, I wrote a letter to the Banking Mohtasib, dated December 30, 2013, asking them to make enquiries into the matter and reveal that the Bank had dishonorably handled my account.

The response I received disappointed me and shattered my belief in this organization. They responded by saying that there was some ‘variation’ in my signature on the check. This was not true, as I had complained to the bank, but it seems that there is no ‘Customer Service’ any longer in the banking sector. I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to this issue as the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan did not handle my complaint properly.

This act, by the bank has adversely affected my reputation and credibility, as a law abiding citizen. If this is the tradition of the highest forum, entrusted with the task of redressing the public grievances, regarding institutional excesses and highhandedness, then I am afraid no one will knock its door and would reconcile oneself to the fact that we are living in an unjust society.


Karachi, March 5.