We have heard for ages that everything is fair in love and war but seems like that now morning shows too are added to the category. be it wedding or saas babu ka jhagara or even a divorce, morning show hosts come to rescue like quacks. as clocks strike 9, all tv channels start indulge in the race of ratings. Every channel has an exquisite aura of ideal morning which is superficially created, where celebrities and host in a luxurious, cozy chaise longue sip steaming morning beverage in an elegant mugs and have frivolous conversations and pointless exchange of ideas on daily affairs.

These shows are mostly seen by the house wives or by those who find entertainment in them. The basic objective of these kinds of shows was to educate and entertain the viewers but now they have become a platform from where the drama and glamour get started.  The morning shows have become platform for match-making as well as for arranging wedding ceremonies. What to say of haunted people and ghostbusters who make appearences on the show. Some morning shows, attempt to illuminate harsh realities of life and the oppressed group of the society is brought under limelight, nevertheless the seriousness of these issues stand in stark contrast to the larger picture.

The most ridiculous thing on the morning shows is the way the marriage is made fun of. The host often acts as the most excited person on such shows who is dancing and singing as well as collecting money for “doodh pilai” and “rasta rukwai”. We also witness the marriages of those couple who are already married for many years. After watching these types of shows, one can easily name these shows as ‘marriage bureau centre’.

The shows discussing ghosts and spirits are personification of wretchedness. The sets use props to give an impression of mysteriousness and mysticism. Music and expressions of the host and participants complement the theme of the show. Promos of such shows are on aired weeks before the actual show. While in one program these hosts hunt for ghosts, in others they stand up to censure superstition and ignorance. Seems like many of them are suffering from split-personality order!

In past few months, even fashion week became the part of the morning shows. Ramp was set for the models and different models and designers were called on the show for showcasing the designs. If fashion weeks are going to be the part of these show, than we can well imagine the future of Pakistan’s fashion.

Not only all the designers clothes displayed; social welfare organizations come for having charity, makeup artists, astrologist, and chefs are among the fuss to gain popularity.

The morning shows started in 2005 and soon all the channels and morning shows host indulged into a race for rating. Every channel has hired TV actors as a hosts for their show who are heavily paid. These shows are broadcasted for gaining rating.

It would not be wrong to say that this all activities got their TRPs high but hypocrisy is more than evident and these shows are entirely plethora of silliness.