ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) high ups are continuing with their self-styled policies and there is no one who could keep a check and balance on the wrongdoings of the PSB top brass.
In yet another case of showering benefits to blue-eyed persons, it has been decided to amend the PSB service rules 2000 and a new draft has been already constituted in this regard. According to new proposed draft, the most active and functional wing of the PSB ‘Facility Wing’, is proposed to be abolished and two new posts of additional director generals were also proposed just to accommodate two DDGs Ch Salamat Ali and Shahidul Islam, who interestingly got promotions directly to grade-19 just a month back and now they have been eyeing grade-20.
It is pertinent to mention here that the PSB is already cash strapped and for the past two years, they had not released a single penny of fund to any of their affiliated federations, citing financial constrains, but on the other hand, the PSB top brass has been obliging two persons, who are also manipulating for the top post of Director General PSB, which get vacated after the sad demise of Amir Hamza Gilani and was temporarily handed over to DG Technical and Training Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera.
The PSB promoted two persons Agha Amjedullah and M Yousaf some 18 months back as Deputy Director Generals, but all of a sudden, change of heart was witnessed, as the persons who were waiting to get orders of their promotions for the past 18 months and already working as DDGs, were left high and dry and instead Director Media Shahid-ul-Islam, who had not required qualification and above all experience of this post, but poses himself close to IPC Minister Syed Riaz Hussain Pirzada managed to take the grade-19 right setting aside all the rules and regulations. This grade-19 post was direct one, it should have been filled while adopting proper procedure and the most senior persons, who were long waiting for due promotions, were also deprived by doing so.
‘PSB Facility Wing’ has been working for the past two decades and so and is the most efficient among all the wings, but suddenly new Deputy Director General wants the entire wing to be abolished to get the staff under him. The senior staffers, who had been working in facility wing for long, now have to work under a very junior person, which is indeed a grave injustice to the seniors. A complete inquiry in this regard is the need of the hour.
According to reliable sources inside the PSB, service rules 2014 draft is being prepared by Deputy Director General Admin Ch Salamat Ali, who used his influence on PSB consultant M Arshad and managed to get desired changes in it. Now the draft is pending with different PSB wings for suggestions and recommendations and it is very likely, the persons will manage to take permission of amending the rules from the PSB executive committee and ‘Facility Wing’ would be abolished.
The proposed draft also suggest upgradation of DG scale from 20 to 21 and two additional director generals post would be created, on which no postings could be done, instead only persons who would be promoted could eligible for the said posts while admin, finance and technical and training departments will work under them directly.
When this scribe contacted a responsible person in the PSB to seek his point of view on the prevailing situation, he on condition of anonymity has confirmed that the move was very much on the cards, but he insisted that he had managed to block the move at least for the time being. He accepted facility wing was the most active and the only wing, which was working quite efficiently and doing more than satisfactory job. “It is not possible to abolish such an active wing as it will be suicidal and against the rules and regulations of the PSB constitution,” he added.
It is need of the hour to check gross violations of some persons, who want to implement their self-styled policies on an autonomous body. They must be stopped from further destroying the PSB, which is meant for promotion of sports in general and athletes in particular.