It crowed gathered at Iqbal Park, on 23 March 1940, none one of them knew each other and they were not related to each other, there was no concept of Sindhi, Punjabi, Baloch and Pathan, they were only Muslims who wanted an independent state in which to live as Muslims. They passed a resolution, demanding a separate country, which was headed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and they passed a resolution.

This historical resolution has great significance but unfortunately, after the resolution, now that we have a separate state we have seen a succession of corrupt leaders, who have lined their own pockets instead of bring any progress to this nation.

This has not been a one way street we are all a part of this. We should not blame the leaders only we should ask ourselves what have we done for this country? Today, our children just know that there will be a holiday on 23 March, but no one actually knows the significance of this day. Our country, for which millions scarified their lives, has to face terrible conditions, big losses such as East Pakistan, terrorists’ attacks, sever economic depression and all due to the lack of foresightedness of our leaders. We do not know how to sacrifice ourselves for our country; we just know how to criticize and blame and how to work only for personal interests. This is not the behavior of a ‘Nation,’ we are just a group of people coexisting without any loyalty or honour.


Lahore, March 4.