It is irony that the Supreme Court judges, who are the care takers of Justice, complain that people don’t lodge complaints because the police are not providing protection, while ignoring the real fact, that it is because of the slow acting and shameless judiciary that most criminals are not only free, but also working at Government posts. The police cannot provide protection to the victims because the court cases take decades to run their course. Similarly many criminals get remand, bail before arrest and even get exonerated in higher judiciary cases.

The saddest part is that even ‘suo moto’ cases, initiated by the ex-CJ himself were never completed in time and most of them have been stopped, highlighting the failure of the entire system. If they really wanted to do their ‘civic and religious duty,’ they would have convicted all dual citizens, tax evaders, non-graduate, fake degree holders and under investigation criminals from the Parliament and helped our country gain honest and true leaders.


Peshawar, February 21.