Visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has spoken in support of Pakistan’s stance that Jammu and Kashmir should not be a pre-condition for resumption of India-Pakistan dialogue. The incident of Pathankot has created the space for militants and terrorists to disrupt the talks process and India must realise that Pakistan is as much of victim of terrorism as them. The only way to push the dialogue forward is to enter it without pre-conditions and this is proving to be extremely difficult for the other side.

Pakistan is playing its part by extending willingness for change. Just yesterday up to 87 Indian fishermen were released by the Pakistan government as a goodwill gesture. The Edhi Foundation even arranged the traveling of the fishermen from Landhi Jail of Karachi to Wagah through Business Express. But unfortunately they remained at the crossing point for the whole day but no one from the Indian Gujarat Fisheries Department arrived across the border to receive them. If the Indian side is making a point to reject this gesture outright, the least they could’ve thought of were these poor Indian citizens who were jailed for two years and looked forward to go home.

It is a resounding sentiment that the dialogue process must not be disrupted under any circumstances. From the US Congress, to journalists and civil society members both sides of the border and now the British Foreign secretary have all supported the continuation of talks. It is high time that the Modi government stops being pressured by anti-peace elements within the country and takes a stance for the future of India and the entire region.