A man gambled away his wife against Rs200,000 in the suburban Chak 110-P while the police have arrested the accused who confessed to the crime.

Rahim Yar Khan DPO Zeeshan Asghar confirmed arrest of Khan Muhammad, saying that the police would recover Shahnaz Bibi, 25, soon. He said that the police have launched a vigorous crackdown on gamblers.

Sajjad Ahmed, brother of Shahnaz Bibi, a resident of Chak 110-P complained to the police that his sister was married off Khan Muhammad of the same village two years back.

Later, Khan Muhammad turned out to be a regular gambler, he added. He said that the man with the connivance of his father Piraan Ditta sold his sister to a gambler of Sindh namely Sanwal against Rs200,000. He claimed that at that time, the Saddr Police did not consider the matter serious and neglected his complaint. However, Sajjajd then sent an application to Regional Police Officer Bahawalpur who took the action. On the orders of the RPO, the Saddr Police arrested Khan Muhammad who admitted that he had gambled away his wife to Sanwal against Rs200,000.