The PM’s comments about NAB, which instead of punishing those involved in corruption of billions, has made a mockery of accountability through plea bargains and acquittal in return for paying fraction. Those who are elected or recruited by state on paid jobs are there to serve people as is practice in developed world where rule of law prevails, not as is done in Third World nations, where laws are subjugated to individual whims and people with their national assets are placed at their discretion to do as they wish. It is not just present government but PPP, Musharraf junta and Zia ul Haq who are responsible for destroying Quaid’s Pakistan and his legacy. Strict checks, auditing and accountability of ruling elite and paid bureaucracy ensures good governance and this is what Pakistan lacks. It may not be business of state to do business, but it is definitely its mandatory role to exercise strict regulatory controls through severe accountability for those who violate. Every citizen must submit to supremacy of laws.

On 11 August Quaid stated that biggest curse which we have inherited is cancer of corruption, bribery and hoarding from undivided India, while referring to uniformed and civil bureaucracy trained by colonial British Raj to run an occupied country, unlike their role in UK as servants of people. Almost 69 years have elapsed and this country continues to be hostage to greed of few, who want to pilfer it unchecked, pay no taxes, nor any hurdles in transferring their black money to foreign safe havens.


Lahore, February 17.