Few religions including Islam gives woman right to propose a man of her choice and get married with him whereas she reserves the right to ask him to divorce her. Real lives are usually very different from the preaching of religions; in our region there is no concept of getting married with women without having dowry or with those having any illness, any type of impairment or are not beautiful particularly fair in colour. No wonder our youth is heavily spending on cosmetics, beauty health and fitness centres where mostly they are fooled upon for their personality complexes poverty and ignorance. 

Initially, it was the man who used to empower the women and now it’s the social trends that empower individuals following them. Getting married is like doing a business deal where the families involved usually look for heightened return than investment made from all involved whereas the relationship between the couple usually is no one’s priority. Once the families of bride and groom agree to proceed the couple is allowed to give their approval, its seldom where their hesitation or refusal to accept the proposal makes any difference if all other set targets seem to be achievable; one way or other they are pronounced married. In simple words, there exists different forms of dowry and Dowry is mandatory for getting married in our culture. Assuming education can empower women is in fact a misled concept, but exposure and general public awareness does. 

In almost all spheres of life over here, it is either the money or the show is power driven whoever supports this practice stays and for rest all there are traps available all around. Since over here families are closely-knit, a single individual or few people having independent approach can endanger a huge number of people’s interest so usually people dare not to be fair merely to avoid the risk to have huge number of enemies. Having doing so can even make them disown others including many of their own blood relations, and start creating problems for them. Emotional stress is the most commonly used strategy whereas there are other horrifying domestic tactics as well. I am convinced that crisis at homes over here is reflected all over within the country or wherever people of this region go across the entire globe. 

What can bring peace health and happiness at home is empowerment of individuals while keeping a justified balance with having individual personal space and freedom as per an individual’s traits and inclinations, whereas marriages are acceptable only if the couple is happily being together independent of any influence or greed and are sustained until they remain happy. The impact of all factors adversely affecting the life of a couple’s own family only need to be filtered off by designing the clear cut guidelines provided by the state, also responsible for providing the due unseen security, a mandatory measure to ensure health happiness and blessings among existing and upcoming generations all over the globe. 


Karachi, March 5.