LAHORE - Imam of Kaaba, Al Sheikh Saleh bin Mohammad Aal-e-Talib has said that Saudi Arabia was determined to take all measures for safeguarding Harmain Sharifain.

Addressing as the chief guest at opening day of two-day All Pakistan Ahle Hadith convention at Kala Shah Kaku and reception hosted by federal minister Hafiz Abdul Karim on Thursday, he said that the present regime would counter all conspiracies and ensure safety of pilgrims and the masses. President Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Prof Sajid Mir presided over the convention participated by federal minster for religious affairs Sardar Mohammad Yousuf, federal minister Hafiz Abdul Karim and delegates from Pakistan and abroad.

Al Sheikh Saleh bin Mohammad Aal-e-Talib praised the commitment of Pakistan for safeguarding the holy places at all costs. He said that brotherly states and the citizens had close relations based on mutual love and friendship. He conveyed regards of King Salman, ulema and citizens for people of Pakistan. He said that both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were facing the same enemy and challenges of terrorism. He said that unity of both the country would be a key to counter terrorism. He said that Islam was the most peaceful religion all through history and as such it was unjust to link it with terror. Actually, he said, Muslim countries across the world were facing terrorism from Iraq to Syria and from Palestine to Kashmir. He said that enemies of Islam would be ultimate losers since Allah Almighty has taken upon Himself to protect Islam. He also warned that Islam was being targeted with ideological and cultural invasion. He urged Muslims to shun all kinds of differences, keep united to face tough challenges. He said the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia was focused on elimination of terrorism. He said his country was fully aware about its friends and foes. He emphasized the need of accuracy in media reports. He said that media was considered fourth pillar of the state, but he considered it the first one.  Addressing the convention, Sajid Mir said Hajj has been the pivotal worship of Islam and it must be spared from politics and negative agendas.