Islamabad - The President of Islamic International University, Ahmed Yousaf Al Draiweesh, who is a Saudi national, awarded a BS honors degree to his son Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish, using his influence in the institution, an official said on Thursday.

The International Relations Degree, for the period of 2013 to 2017, was awarded to Abdul Majeed in spite of the fact that he barely attended classes or appeared in exams, said the official.

The documents available with The Nation confirmed that the university administration provided special exemptions for the completion of degree of the university president’s son. The degree was awarded in January 2017 whereas Faculty Exemption Committee issued two notifications in March 2017, exempting the student from 11 courses.

The official added that the forgery was done in a way that some credit hours of specific courses were transferred from a private university of the country, before the year student had reached Pakistan and gained admission here.

The official said that university as per its policy has the authority of exempting the credit hours to any student with the condition of academic performance and genuine transferring of the courses from another university.  Meanwhile, the transcript of the student revealed that 12 courses were exempted. The grades of the student in 9 courses were a C, five C+, 8 B+, 5 B, and A in two courses with a total percentage of 69.30.

Official said that the President IIU assumed charged in 2012. At that time, his son Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish was enrolled in a university in Australia. In 2013, he gained admission at IIU after attending another private university in Pakistan. The grades transcript issued by the Australian university in 2012 was also not the final transcript instead it was of an earlier semester which reveals that the student hadn’t finished his degree, official said.

 Meanwhile, no rule allows a student to gain admission in two Higher Education Institutions at the same time, official said.

However, the documents available with The Nation showed clear contradiction in the courses exempted and attended by the student.

Out of 11 courses mentioned in the notifications, 10 are mentioned in the transcript of IIU issued. Other than these, six more courses including English-I, II and III, Arabic I and II and General Mathematics-I were also exempted for the student.  Interestingly, two courses including Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of Pakistan were exempted by the committee in its second notification. However, the candidate has passed the course in the transcript issued by the university.

From the overall 132 credit hours, 42 have been exempted for the students against the rules and regulations, while notifications of Faculty Exemption Committee exempted 33 credit hours, said the official.

The official added that student Abdul Majeed Alduraywish was admitted in fall semester 2013, wasn’t registered in spring 2014 and also got ex-post facto approval for deferment of studies for spring semester 2014.

The notification said “Mr. Abdul Majeed S/o Dr. Ahmed Yousaf, a Saudi national student of BS International Relations vide University Registration 1-FF/BSIR/F13, has been granted Ex-post Facto approval for deferment of studies for spring semester 2014 i.e. February 2014 to June 2014. He is required to rejoin his class w.e.f fall semester 2014 and deposit the entire prescribed university fee/deferment fee etc”.

The official added that student Abdul Majeed Alduraywish spent around 200 days in Pakistan against his four year degree program and didn’t appear in exams except for during the first semester. Official said that the sitting President is also lobbying for an extension in the public-sector institution and a high profile Saudi dignitary is being approached to put weight in his favour. However, the President House is not in favour of the extension due to unsatisfactory performance of the university president.

Rector IIU Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai responding to The Nation said that university administration has constituted a four member committee headed by Dr. Zia-ul-Haq to probe the issue. He said that the members of the committee will include officials from the department of examination, academic and I.T, to investigate the awarding of degree under the allegations reported.

He said that credit hours are exempted through a procedure in which a committee examines all the criteria of the student as per rules of the university. He said the committee will check the details of the specific case in detail.

 Spokesperson Higher Education Commission Ayesha Ikram said that HEC does not allow enrolment in more than one university at the same time.