Rawalpindi - A resident approached police for filing a case against three eye surgeons and other staff members of Al-Shifa Eye Trust and Hospital for damaging his left eye.

The police registered the complaint and summoned the hospital management and the surgeons for investigation, sources said on Thursday.

According to the sources, Athar Javed of Ali Town lodged a complaint with Morgah police, stating that he went to Al-Shifa Eye Trust and Hospital in August 2017 for treatment. He complained that an eye surgeon, Dr Hassan Masana, examined his eye and diagnosed cataract and admitted him in the hospital.

The applicant further stated that the surgeon carried out his eye surgery on August 18, 2017 without adopting precautionary measures which caused immense pain to him. He alleged that after surgery, his left eye lost sight on which he told the doctor that he did not want to continue treatment. However, he stated, the doctor stopped him forcefully in the hospital and conducted surgery of his eye again the following day. Later, he told the police, the surgeon discharged him despite the fact that he had lost his eye sight. The applicant mentioned that he was again called in the hospital on September 25 and November 4 by two other surgeons, Dr Abdullah and Dr Farah Islam. He said that both the surgeons conducted his surgery again but he could not regain his eye sight.  When contacted, Syed Abid Shah, personal assistant to chairman ASETH, confirmed that the person had approached the police against the doctors and other staff members.


He said that the doctors had provided adequate treatment to the patient. “All doctors are not guilty,” he said. He said that it had become a routine that patients either lodged complaints with chairman or went to the police against doctors in case of non-satisfaction. He said that the hospital management would record their statements with the police and the case would be resolved soon.