No compromise on national sovereignty: Asif

2018-03-09T18:21:00+05:00 APP

Minister for Foreign Affairs Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Friday said that Pakistan will safeguard its own interest and there will be no compromise on defending sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Replying to a point of order of Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman in the National Assembly on unrest in Middle East, the minister said “We will not defend the interest of any other country by becoming part of their any proxy.”

He said “Our past leaders had compromised on national interest over personal interest as they were more interested to prolong their rule.” He made it clear that Pakistani troops were in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for internal security and that they were not there for taking responsibility of any across-the-border action.

He said that Pakistan had not become a part to the Yemen war, adding: “We want Saudi Arabia and Iran to bridge their differences.”

He said that unlike wishes of super powers, Pakistan wanted to have an increasingly peace in Afghanistan.

He said that the powers which destabilised Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, did not keep well-wishes for Pakistan.

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