GUJRANWALA - District Gujranwala has lost one National Assembly seat after delimitation of constituencies by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

After declaration of the new constituencies by the Election Commission, many politicians belonging to opposition parties announced to approach the court against the delimitation of constituencies.

Now it has six NA seats instead of seven - NA-79 to NA 84. NA-79  consists of tehsil Wazirabad and adjoining areas having total population of 830,396; NA-80 of Tehsil Sadar areas with a population of 8,33,310; NA-81 belongs to city areas having total population is 851,472; NA-82 is comprised of the city and its adjoining areas with a total population of 825,350 and NA-83 consists of tehsil Kamoki and adjoining areas with total population of 8,37,17. Likewise, NA-84 consists of tehsil Nowshera Virkan and adjoining areas having total population of 7,93,857 while all the areas of old NA-98 have been merged into other constituencies and now Gujranwala has six national assembly seats instead of seven.

Now, local parliamentarians and other candidates of different parties are worried because they have lost their favourite areas in which they have completed many development schemes in the last five years. In the new situation chairman and vice chairmen of local bodies have got importance to play a key role in next general election campaign. For the purpose, many candidates have started contacting with the local bodies leaders to start their election campaign in a positive manner. However, the political parties expect tough contest in the district during the upcoming elections.

WOMEN’S DAY: In respect of International Women Day, a foundation held a workshop on gender equality. A large number of women participated in the workshop. The participants were given awareness about their rights in the society and their due active role to make them economically strong.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness on gender equality. It was told in the workshop that Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is working for the economic empowerment of women in living in remote villages of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The speakers stressed a need to build capacity of women.