KARACHI - The South Zone police put on high alert following the threats calls of Afghan bandits who warned police officers of dare consequences.

According to the details, police have arrested two accused persons including Nazar Muhammad and Kamran couple of weeks ago. During the course of investigation accused persons unveiled the details of more than 100 organised robberies and a group of Afghanis comprising 50 operatives.

Police managed trace the hideout of the bandits located in Clifton area and raided but armed men managed flee and sheltered at another hideout in Nazimabad locality. Police raided in Nazimabad area where during encounter one of the bandit identified as Abdul Bari was shot dead while rest of two his accomplices including Hassan and Barjan were arrested. Police have also recovered three pistols, two motorbikes, 0.5 million cash and ornaments from the possession of bandits during raid conducted in Nazimabad area. 

Following the killing of Abdul Bari in alleged encounter and arrest of the accused persons, unknown callers have started calling to the officials of the Clifton division police officers and warned for revenge of the killing of Abdul Bari. The caller used himself an operative of defunct militant organisation also demanded to release their comrades kept in police custody.

Police sources said that during the course of investigation caller has been identified as militant wanted to the Counter Terrorism Department. Police said that the gang used to rob people after a complete homework while sent money to Afghanistan. Police also said that the gang of bandits left the country after completing their objectives and come back from Afghanistan with new goals.    

SHO Aurangzeb Khattab of Darakhsan police station said that the police have also arrested three other comrades of the said group after an encounter. Police reached the site after getting information from Madadgar 15, and surrounded the bungalow to catch them but the robbers opened fire at the police and tried to escape under the cover of fire.

The police also fired back and arrested three members of the gang. The arrested gang members were later identified as Jilani alias Javed, Shahzada alias Dilawar alias Khalid and Hussain and also recovered looted cash, cellphones and three pistols and one rifle with three rifle grenades.

SHO Khattab further said that the gang ring leader Abdul Bari was earlier killed during an encounter with the police in Nazimabad area in the first week of March, adding that the gang members arrested are the members of the organized gang which is comprised on at least 50 members and all the Afghan origins. The officer further said that the gang members have so far been involved in over 100 cases of crimes, particularly house robberies in various localities including Defence, Clifton, Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and PIB Colony areas, adding that the gang members committed the robberies with a proper homework and majority of the gang members belong to Afghanistan and several of their gang members have been arrested by Counter-Terrorism Department and other police stations.

The officer further said that they committed the robberies in Karachi while using the fake CNICs and most of the robberies they committed in Karachi in the winter and the gang is operating in Karachi from the last at least four years. “They are the hardened criminals. They are basically hailed from Afghanistan but they used Quetta route to travel to Karachi from Afghanistan,” said the SHO Khattak. “Since then we have arrested their members, their gang members from the Afghanistan SIM cards are threatening me multiple times, warning us to stop actions against the gang members in Karachi.” He said that the police continued to take actions against the gang. The case has been registered while further investigation was underway.