Since the appointment of new Chairman NAB, many arrests and references have been sent to accountability courts. But it is observed that NAB prosecutors fail to prove and justify their cases in the court of law. It seems that either the high profile cases are not rightly framed, or are contested by the prosecutors. It is a known fact that NAB is not technically well-equipped to investigate and gather proof of white collar crimes. The NAB majority staff presently comprises of incompetent official appointed through politicization, and this has been the case for the last several years. Even the Supreme Court called the NAB a dead state institution.

The PTI government, whose main promise during the election was to recover the looted wealth of the country, has so far failed to build the capacity of NAB and recover the huge amount which has been laundered and invested in foreign countries.

There is also not one principle being applied to arrest any alleged person. Those who misuse authority to give jobs without merit are being treated like those who have stolen billions by misusing their political power.

I believe that the only method to recover the looted wealth is through laws like those in either Saudi Arab or China. This can only be done when the state institution is a military establishment, which works on the investigation and quick disposal of cases through military courts.


February 23.