LAHORE - The Awami Workers Party (AWP) expressed solidarity with the women struggling for equal rights and social justice in Pakistan and around the world.

“On International Women’s Day, let us resolve to revive the revolutionary and radical vision of the day’s origin, when socialist feminist leaders like Clara Zetkin called for liberation of women, transformation of the economy, society and social relationships. As the world reels from the throes of patriarchal, fascist and militarist violence, we renew our call for a revolutionary struggle with women’s liberation as its focal point against oppression and exploitation in all forms and manifestations,” the party said.

“Today, we acknowledge and remember various ways in which oppressive structures of power including neoliberal economic agenda of the capitalism, feudalism, religious fundamentalism, racism and militarism are implicated with patriarchy to limit and constrain lives of millions of women in Pakistan and around the world,” the party said.