Acid attacks


cid throwing is a heinous act in the country and a serious and social issue now a days ongoing. Gruesomely, acid throwing became an enormous controversial circumstance in worldwide. However, acid throwing became a trend to throw acid on small issues. The effect of acid throwing is dangerous. Mostly, women and children are the worst victims of acid throwing.

The major reasons behind this one is family enmity second is rejection of love. By the way, acid throwers must be boycotted socially and brought to exemplary punishment. Acid throwing damages not only a person’s body or face, but it destroys his or her dreams, a possibility and a life. Our Government must take punitive action against acid throwers. Also NGOs, women organisations and different related authorities should wake up and see this menace.



The role of women in Pakistan

 Women are integral part of today’s society. In the recent, years although women’s status and roles have been elevated beyond being a homemaker, but the priority is still given to men in politics, education, employment, and related occupations. The constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan dictates equal rights for men and women.

However, the reality shows women in lower status than men in every scope of life whether, its education, food, healthcare and freedom of choice of partner. According to human development report 1999 of UNDP, the gender empowerment measure (GEM) rank of Pakistan among 185 countries is 100. This rank determines the women empowerment on a country basis. This measurement results in unequal status of women in economic resources, participation in political decision-making and economic decision-making. In spite of the fact that the Holy Quran dictates the equal rights for women well being and development, women have always been the main target of rights violation in Muslim countries. The typical subjugated image of Pakistani women reflects the centuries old patriarchy deeply rooted in the subcontinent. Although, emancipation and empowerment has always been documented in the legal documents, this has not come to the reality fully yet.



Drug addiction

 Drug addiction is one of the most hazardous evils of any society as it hampers the development of a country. Drug addiction has been a serious menace in our country as many youngsters have been suffering from this fatal disease nationwide. Youngsters are the most affected by drugs and alcohol. Every individual whether in a town, city; college or school, community, family is affected by drugs and alcohol. Twenty three million people, mostly above 12 years, are drugs addicts who are suffering themselves and also making many people like, their parents, neighbours, friends and siblings suffer as well.

Approximately 5 million drug addicts in Pakistan are not only destroying their lives but also affecting every sector of society, including business sector causing accidents, reducing or loss of productivity.

Approximately an addict spends Rs150 per day on drugs. There are 5 million drug addicts in the country, so 5,000,000 addicts spend Rs750 million just in one day, in a month 22,500 million and in a year Rs 270 billion.

One the consequences of drug abuse in the workplace is that the economy of Pakistan pays a big price for it employee accidents and errors, high illness rate, wastage of time, low productivity and abesenteesim are just a few example of affecting of illicit drug use.

Nowadays it has become fashionable for the actors and singers to be addicted to drugs. Therefore, instead of spreading good values in a youth, the entertainment industry is responsible for propagating the use of drugs. Furthermore, the students have become the target of major drug peddlers. These peddlers selling drugs because of their own interests and they do not have any concern with their lives. The students who take drugs are more likely to commit suicide because of the harmful affects of drugs.

There is the need of the hour to introspect and prevent drug usage. For this, all should play their best role to prevent the drugs and the government, parents, institution and media must contribute, and especially the government should ban the drugs then the children, students or our country’s future will be better and bright.



Fulfilling the formalities

 In our country, Pakistan, government schools have ever been worst instead of amendment. As we are well aware that the government schools play a vital role in the terms of providing education but here, the teachers of government schools are just filling the formalities, they just complete the syllabus without any teaching, When exams will be taken then students cheat fearlessly. That is why private schools are full of toppers, geniuses especially extreme learners whereas, the government schools are full of weak, narrow-minded and clumsy students. If we compare the students of government schools and private schools then the students who are studying in government schools will be defeated in the first round. The government and teachers are responsible for it. Therefore the higher educational authorities are requested to look into this issue immediately otherwise this catastrophic issue will increase the risk of illiteracy rate.



Oil terminals

 There is a potential catastrophe brewing in our country. As you are aware, out of Pakistan’s three main oil import terminals, Oil Pier-1 and Oil Pier-3 are non-functional and are undergoing upgrades and repairs. Only Oil Pier-2 in operating at the moment.

It can be rightly said that these three oil import terminals are the jugulars of Pakistan’s petroleum industry. It comes as a great shock that our country’s oil imports can so easily be threatened due to a lack of foresight. The authorities say they will upgrade or repair the non-functional terminals but this will take 8 months or so to make them both functional again. Knowing how fast repairs are done here I am sure the actual time will be even longer.

As a concerned Pakistani citizen, my question for our relevant authorities is how and why are we so pathetically complacent to allow this state of affairs? God forbid if something happens to Oil Pier-2, Pakistan’s oil sector would literally come to a standstill. This is indeed a grave situation. I would urge our planners to urgently find a solution to this crisis.