LAHORE - The Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has asked all pharmaceutical companies to appoint medical experts like pharmacists, MBBS doctors or BDS degree holders as Medical Rep for the indication of drugs in the market.

According to DRAP sources, emphasis was being laid on making health reforms including establishment of  pharmacy and therapeutic committee in each hospital and make it functional in all hospitals as well.

Senior most physician be its chairman and chief pharmacist as its secretary, others members senior most surgeon in accordance with the specialties, director finance, and relevant clinical pharmacist.

The number of beds strength, number of wards, especially and requirement of clinical pharmacists in the drug administration should be clearly mentioned on patient chart in the hospitals. On the patient chart, a column for ward note by the clinical pharmacist will be printed who will add his note on it regularly.

The clinical pharmacist will be deputed in wards, where during the ward round with professors/physicians

and hospital administration would be mandatory. Digital pharmacy services including computerization of inventory of hospital medicine and surgical disposables stores would be done.

Efforts would be made to have uniform software inventory software by involving Punjab Information Technology  Board (PITB). Pharmacy department in hospitals will act as independent Department of Pharmacy like other departments of medical, surgical etc. working under the direct control of Principal/Medical Director, Medical Superintendent.

Chief Pharmacist will act as Director/Drug Controller of the hospitals. SMS system will be introduced within the hospital and in case of adverse drug reaction, inform the Principal, Medical Director, Medical Superintendent.

Good Storage/Distribution Practices Guidelines given by WHO will be implemented with proper cold chain storage facilities in each hospital. Proper stores with dedicated medical store building shall be established in each hospital with proper racking and shelves and temperature & humidity control facility. All stores shall be well ventilated and safe from direct sun light. The DRAP warned  that no negligence would be tolerated in the implementation of above mentioned directions from any hospital or healthcare establishment.