LAHORE - The Punjab police have excelled significantly in different areas during the last three months as far better service delivery and fight against criminals was concerned.

According to officials, the police department made remarkable progress in various important areas including smart and intelligent policing, fight against criminals, and service delivery.

The smart and intelligent policing, officials say, enhanced police presence on roads and wise supervision precipitated more armed confrontations between the police and the criminals.

More than 70 desperados, as against 18 in the last year, were either maimed or killed while 9 police officers embraced martyrdom.

Similarly, more drug dealers other than the petty vendors and leading gamblers instead of street-wagers were booked. Recovery of heroin and chars swelled almost five times than that of the previous year.

For the first time in Punjab, more than 400 case-hardened criminals, obdurate offenders and ‘Badmaash’ were sent to jails. Also, criminal proceedings started against 27 police officers and more than 150 others were dismissed from service for their proven indulgence in crime or corruption. Performers are being patted and passives are being punished.

The Public friendly initiatives like ‘Khuli Kutcheris’, Police Khidmat Marakaz ,Khidmat Counters and compulsory public hours stretched public engagement count of police to the tune of three million. Low conviction rate of criminals has always been a sore point of police. With a renewed focus on quality of investigation, improved inspection-regime and professional training, the conviction rate has jumped to 28 percent from 22 percent within a span of three months.

A police spokesperson claimed that police were committed to make Punjab narcotics free, adding that narcotics suppliers rather than petty vendors were arrested.