PESHAWR               -            Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah has said the recent

torrential rains have exposed shortcomings and technical errors in Peshawar

Bus Rapid Transit Project. He said the Peshawarities

are trapped under

the ‘Jangla bus project’.Faiq Shah, while talking to office bearers at the party

central secretariat here on Sunday noted that Peshawar

– the city of flowers

was presenting a picture

of mud, irritants and destruction as the government

had ruined the real face of the historical Peshawar

since launch of BRT and it had been changed into a city of bridges He maintained the project

had not only ruined beauty of the provincial metropolis, but also diminished

the historical

importance of the GT Road Peshawar, which could not be revived now. He observed roads were presenting sight of pool in Peshawar. He criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan gave Peshawar

in hands of incompetent

people.The ATP chairman criticised

the prime minister for severely damaging Peshawar

– Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

and rest parts of the country by his constant

mistakes. He said the recent torrential rains had exposed the poor performance of the “incompetent”

PTI led government in the province. Faiq Shah said the substandard and delaying tactics in the completion of Peshawar BRT project had multiplied

miseries of locals in the city. He said the PM had left people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

on mercy of opportunist

group, which voted them to rule in the province in result of that