BAGHDAD (AFP) - A car bomb killed seven people and wounded 19 in the Iraqi capital on Thursday, shortly after two rockets slammed into the city centre, killing two civilians, police said. Three policemen and four civilians were killed by the car bomb in the once upscale Mansur neighbourhood of west Baghdad, a police official said, adding that two policemen were among the wounded, apart from two women and a child. Two Katyusha rockets hit Sadoon Street at around noon (0900 GMT), killing two people and wounding four more, police said. A roadside bomb that apparently targeted a minibus in the Al-Jadida neighbourhood of Baghdad killed another person and wounded four more, a police official said. In the Sadr City itself, seven people were killed and 20 others wounded in gunbattles between Shia fighters and US forces killed, Iraqi security and medical officials said on Thursday. A security official said the clashes erupted before midnight and continued until Thursday morning. Meanwhile, Mullah Nadhom Mahmud, a former senior Al-Qaeda leader in central Iraq, now working in one of the so-called Awakening groups alongside US forces, survived a suicide bombing on Thursday in the town of Dhuluiyah. Iraqi police Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Jubburi Mahmud, 30, and three others were wounded. Eight people were killed and eight more wounded, including four soldiers from US-led coalition forces, in new violence in Iraq's southern city of Basra on Thursday, the American military said. Two civilian contractors were among those killed when several rockets slammed into a coalition military base in Basra at around 2:20 pm (1120 GMT), the military said. In counter fire, an unmanned aerial vehicle and an aerial weapons team killed six fighters by firing Hellfire missiles, the statement added.