Our government must take the necessary steps to stop the US from interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan. The latest view of the US government that Pakistan government must not hold talks with the so-called militants unequivocally exposes how much the Americans are involved in our internal matters. It is quite difficult to understand the policies of the US and UK. On the one hand the UK, a key ally of the US in war on terror, has backed the efforts of Pakistan government for its talks with the so-called militants. On the other hand, the US has censured such measures. Indeed, it is incumbent upon the Pakistan government to act on the sides where its own good lies. The recent talks with the so-called Taliban militants of NWFP show that they are in favour of Pakistan. Peace with them is essential for the restoration of peace in the country. One can have a clear idea of the positive of such talks by observing peace climate in the country since the last two weeks. Our rulers must be mindful of the real face of the US and accord importance only to the safety and integrity of the country. -INAYATULLAH RUSTAMANI, Dadu, via e-mail, April 23.