LAHORE - Lawyers have announced a forceful countrywide movement if deposed judges are not reinstated in the office on May 12 position and the PCO-Judges are excluded from the judiciary. The General House of the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Thursday also announced to observe on May 12 next, a protest against the Karachi killing of 48 people last year on the occasion of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's arrival there to address the Sindh High Court Bar Association. The lawyers all over the country, on that day, will hold courts' boycott and will hold meetings at the bar level, said a resolution presented by secretary of the Bar, Rana Asadullah Khan unanimously carried by the House. The House met with the Bar president Anwar Kamal in the chair. On the occasion, speakers said the ruling coalition under the Bhurban Declaration had sought 30 days for the restoration of judges which stands elapsed and now all eyes were set on May 12 for which the coalition had again ensured about the restoration of judiciary. The present ruling parties should be indebted to Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry that his 'nay' changed the whole scene against the dictator and paved the way of their election victory, commonly said former president SCBA Hamid Khan, former presidents LHCBA Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari and Ahmad Awais, former secretary Sarfraz Ahmad Cheema, vice president SCBA Ghulam Nabi Bhatti, former Add AG Khadim Hussain Qaiser, Shafqat Mahmood Chouhan, Nisar Safdar and Muhammad Arshad Virk. They said Justice Chaudhry's stand against General Pervez Musharraf infused a new spirit in the whole nation which voted for the parties and stood for independence of judiciary and rule of law. For this highly courageous act, Justice Chaudhry deserved to be appointed CJP by the Parliament for the whole life but political parties are thinking otherwise, they said, adding that it was the firm stand of Justice Chadhyry which forced General Pervez Musharraf to shed his uniform, ensured election and despite wishes of the dictator he did not let the army intervene in the electoral process. The speakers said today Pakistan Steel Mill is a national asset only by virtue of the intervention of Justice Chaudhry. They also saluted senior member of the Committee for Restoration of Judges, Fakharud Din G Ebrahim for his resignation from the committee to protest the suggestion of retaining the PCO Judges with the deposed one. They blamed Aiwan-e-Sader for conspiring to unduly linger on the restoration issue. Now the minds of the people are being diverted to atta at cheap rate and end to price hike to overshadow the restoration. The speakers said lawyers would remain patient till May 12 and if judges were not restored on that day and the PCO judges retained in the judiciary, they would take to a forceful protest movement which would not find example anywhere in the world. Rana Asad paid a glowing tribute to the lawyers and others who laid down life on May 4 and May 12 last year, respectively in Sahiwal and Karachi and those burnt alive in Karachi on April 9 last during the lawyers protest movement, adding that lawyers would come to rest only after judges restoration. Anwar Kamal said lawyers and the masses were hopeful of restoration of the judges on May 12 and ouster of the PCO judges. Lawyers hold hunger strike, protest camps Lawyers Thursday continued to hold hunger and protest camps against the November 2 deposition of judges through a PCO and to demand their reinstatement as well as release of Pakistan's nuclear scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. At the camp set up at Lahore High Court Bar, lawyers observed token hunger to press their demands. At the protest camp set up by the Save Judiciary Committee, a number of lawyers including Pakistan Muslim League-N MNA Ch Naseer Ahmad Bhutta advocate, MPA Zamurd Yasin, Chairman of the Committee Abdul Rashid Qureshi, Rana Abad Ahmad and others gathered and chanted slogans to seek reinstatement of judges as per promise, on May 12, and setting Dr Khan free from the house arrest, continuously going on over the four years. They also showered rose petals at the portraits of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and Dr Khan placed at the camp, while chanting 'go-Musharraf-go' slogans.