KARACHI - The Managing Director of Karachi Co-Operative Housing Society Union Sharif Bhaiji expressed concern on the change of the name of Sirajuddula Road named after a Muslim freedom fighter of Bengal, built by KCHSU 56-year-ago. Bhaiji demanded of the authorities concerned that to change name of this road to Sirajuddula Road from Abul Tawwab Road. As many as 24 housing societies were located around this road and its name was notified by the government 56-year-ago, he added. He maintained that all main roads fall in the KCHSU area, which were named after heroes and freedom fighters, and were approved by the government. He added that this change in the name has disappointed the citizens, particularly the residents of these societies. They observed that if this decision was not withdrawn, the names of other roads and societies might be changed. The governing body of KCHSU in its meeting has taken a serious notice of renaming the road and warned that public would not compromise such actions. He called upon the authorities concerned to take stern notice of the matter, otherwise the inhabitants of the area reserved their rights to take appropriate action. He also pointed out that the names of the roads were registered and recorded in millions of documents, various websites and Google Earth, which guide people to locate the place in the map of the earth.  The body has sent the copies of letter to the MQM chief Altaf Hussain, CM Sindh and city Nazim Mustafa Kamal.