ISLMABAD - There has been no letup for contractual teachers at Model Colleges of the Capital city whose salaries so far have not been released for the last six months because of the Federal Directorate of Education which surpassing the rules extended their contracts. The Federal Directorate of Education (FED) had extended the contract of the teachers and lecturers without the approval of the ministry of Education and the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The teachers and the lecturers are hired on three years contracts and after each year the contract is renewed but after the completion of the three years only the FPSC can extend the contract. But the FDE extended the contract on their own, which caused the blockage of their salaries and could not be released for the last six months. Those whose contract has not been completed yet also not getting their salaries as office of the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) objected and refused to release their salaries, saying that their letter did not have the approval from the ministry, informed the teachers. The teachers have been trying hard to get their six months salaries or demanding to release some cash from the college funds for the time being as its very difficult situation for those who are sole bread-earners for their families. In 19 model colleges most of the teachers and lecturers have been working on contract basis in greade-16 for many years with Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 salaries per month, even which they don't get full if they take more than one day leave. Most of them possess Master's degrees and the lecturers with double M.A have been also teaching with that meagre amount without any allowances and medical facilities.