LAHORE - The govt has put the name of Hamesh Khan , former President of the Bank of Punjab and his close aides on Exit Control List (ECL) in order to stop them from fleeing abroad,the sources disclosed to The Nation here on Thursday. The names of five former General Managers (GMs) of the Bank of Punjab, who were close aides of the ex-President Hamesh Khan including Aziz ul Hamid, have also been put on ECL and top brass at all airports have been informed in this regard, the sources added. 'The name of Hamesh Khan and his five aides have been put on the ECL', a high-ranking officer of the Punjab govt confirmed, when contacted. According to sources, Hamesh Khan has US passport while his close aide and ex-GM Aziz ul Hamid has Canadian passport ,therefore, the govt has immediately put their names on ECL. The govt put their names on the ECL after the top provincial hierarchy was informed that they could flee abroad, they added. Meanwhile, it has been learnt that Hamesh Khan and his allies are also under surveillance by the officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and police.  'NAB is probing into the specific case of loan to Harris Steels sanctioned by the former President Hamesh Khan . The loan sanctioned to Harris Steels was the highest loan in the history of Bank of Punjab', a high-ranking officer of the Punjab govt said, requesting his name not to be mentioned. He further said that the former top management of the bank including its President are under close watch because it is a very high-profile case. According to sources, the State Bank of Pakistan had served a notice to the former BoP President Hamesh Khan about loan to Harris Steels but he did not respond. Another source in the Punjab govt said that Hamesh Khan could have access to bank record that is required him to plead his case in the court but he would be allowed to do so in the presence of high-ranking officers.