PPP's Nawab Aslam Raissani was elected Chief Minister Balochistan unopposed. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Balochistan were also elected without facing any opponents. Balochs now wait with baited breath to see whether the new government will do something for their rights or just pay lip service. Opposition leader Sardar Yaar Muhammad Rind confessed; "I am not in the opposition. But those out of the assembly hall, sitting on the mountain are the real opposition. So the government must talk to them". Nawab Raissani said; "The negotiations have been started with the mountain militants and the militants' positive demands will be accepted". "Through out the history of Balochistan, it has become a ritual to start dialogues and then leave it in the lurch" alleges Nawab Khair Bux Murree. The aforementioned ideas of different Baloch leaders and the government persuasions are quite poles apart. So without any proper elucidation, the dialogue will bear no positive fruit. Make no mistake; Baloch leaders have great influence over the mountains militants but, unluckily, the government has fallen short of creating good relations with the Baloch leaders since 1947. Now question is what do these leaders demands? Late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti had made it clear at the time of releasing his manifesto; he had said "This manifesto only contains demands about those which directly belong to the common people, such as colleges, universities, hospitals, highways, irrigation canals etc. This manifesto does not contain the Pagri of Baloch Sardars. We merely fight for the right, not for the self-assumed status". -SAJJAD RUSTAMANI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, April 23.