LAHORE - Record breaking Javeria Khan helped Pakistan defeat Bangladesh by 38 runs in the Asia Cup, the maiden win first for the women-in-green at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium on Thursday. She conceded just eight runs in 8.1 overs to restrict the Bangladesh to 72 runs particularly after Pakistan lost its previous match to the rivals.  Batting first, Pakistan players did not fair well and were reduced to 110 in 44.4 overs when the fixture was of 50 overs. Asmavia Iqbal with 28 runs was the highest run scorer for Pakistan. And everyone was expecting yet another defeat, Javeria and Urooj Mumtaz ripped apart the Bangladesh batting line up. Urooj with three wickets along with Javeria's six made the celebrations quicker for Pakistan. But their form came too late in the event to get them any useful place when India and Sri Lanka have already qualified for the final. SCOREBOARD PAKISTAN WOMEN: Sana Javed c Sultana b Panna     4 Bismah Maroof c Sultana b Panna     1 Sajjida Shah b Tithy     18 Urooj Mumtaz c Tithy  b Panna     1 Tasqeen Qadeer c Ayesha  b Salma     5 Nain Abidi run out (Tithy )    5 Javeria Khan c Panna b Shathira     18 Batool Fatima c Panna  b Tithy     13 Asmavia Iqbal b Salma     28 Qanita Jalil lbw b Tithy     1 Sadia Yousuf not out    0 EXTRAS: (1 b, 2 lb, 1 nb, 12 w)    16 TOTAL: (all out, 44.4 overs)    110 Fall of wickets: 1-4, 2-16, 3-20, 4-31, 5-39, 6-63, 7-67, 8-104, 9-109, 10-110. BOWLING: Panna Ghosh    7-0-18-3 Shamima Akhter    2-0-9-0 Salma Khatun    8.4-4-8-2 Tithy Sarkar    10-0-29-3 Rumana Ahmed    10-2-27-0 Shathira Jakir    7-2-16-1 BANGLADESH WOMEN: Shathira Jakir c Sajjida  b Urooj     19 Shukhtara run out (Javeria-Batool )    2 Ayesha Akhter b Urooj     12 Panna Ghosh c Urooj  b Javeria     2 Salma Khatun lbw b Javeria     2 Chamely Khatun c and b Urooj     0 Rumana Ahmed b Javeria     0 Irin Sultana c Batool b Javeria     0 Shamima Akhter b Javeria     11 Tithy Sarkar st Batool  b Javeria     6 Jahanara Alam not out    0 EXTRAS: (5 b, 13 w)    18 TOTAL: (all out, 33.1 overs)    72 Fall of wickets: 1-12, 2-41, 3-49, 4-49 , 5-53, 6-54, 7-54, 8-55, 9-65, 10-72. BOWLING: Asmavia Iqbal    2-0-9-0 Qanita Jalil    3-0-13-0 Sajjida Shah    6-3-7-0 Sadia Yousuf    4-0-11-0 Urooj Mumtaz    10-2-19-3 Javeria Khan    8.1-4-8-6 Toss: Pakistan Women, Result: Pakistan Women won by 38 runsPoints: Bangladesh 0. Pakistan 5 (Bonus 1) Umpires: EJAPAM Jayasooriya, SH Sarathkumara.