The eradication of mandatory requirement of graduation, for a person to contest for election as an MNA, MPA or a Senator is a decision late by at least 6 years. But better late than never. When an individual becomes more powerful than the constitution and the rule of law is replaced by rule of gun, than the unconstitutional diktat of a military ruler becomes the rule, irrespective of its illegality. We live in a society where in the last 8 years, we have seen non-graduates being nominated to senior executive assignments in semi autonomous corporations like WAPDA, PIA, KESC, Railways. They have even been appointed Vice Chancellors of universities. In a country where there is no dearth of qualified professionals, persons nominated for appointments to executive assignments should have been more qualified than a mere graduation. Politics alone is a field where political acumen is more of a requisite than possession of a college or university degree. However if an educated man has the political acumen and the backing of people, this would be the best combination. The contradiction is that while a university Vice Chancellor should at least have been a PHD, the CEO of WAPDA a qualified engineer, yet even these posts have become a victim of political patronage. -IRFAN BUTT, Gujranwala, via e-mail, April 23.