LAHORE - Retaining of PCO judges will mean that another National Reconciliation Ordinance has been introduced in the country as they have lost their credibility by taking oath under Provisional Constitutional Order, showing their allegiance to a dictator and if the judges are not restored as per people's aspirations the parliament is destined to be doomed and people will be out on the roads to join lawyers' movement. PML-N central leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi expressed these views while addressing the lawyers at Lahore Bar Association before their weekly rally. "The decisive movement has come. If the political parties overlooked sacrifices rendered by lawyers and civil society they would loose their credibility," he added. He assured lawyers that judges would be reinstated till May 12 adding, if it did not happen the people would be extremely dejected. "We have to decide whether we want independent judiciary or tamed one. If our object is to have independent judges then no one should be worried." Independent judiciary would strengthen parliament and help transfer power to the people that had not happened in the country since its inception. Hashmi was accorded thunderous welcome by the lawyers and political workers at LBA. They showered rose petals on him amid laud slogans against Musharraf and in favour of deposed judges. He also made it clear that if the parliament did not hold Musharraf accountable for November 3 unconstitutional steps, he (Musharraf) will have every right to trample it down under his feet. He said Musharraf seemed a gone man after February 18 elections. But all of a sudden he started looking stronger only because of political parties' weaknesses. He said in that case people would not support puppet parliament and launch a struggle against it. He said it was primary obligation of PML-N to stand like a rock in Musharraf's way to get his unconstitutional steps validated from parliament because it was the main reason that forced his party to participate in elections. Hashmi said all the parliaments including the present one were puppets because the real power rests with generals who had might to send it packing with a stroke of pen. Hashmi said people had spoken against dictatorial regime through their votes on February 18 and now it was the duty of political forces to honour people's mandate by getting country rid of military rulers. He said his party chief Mian Nawaz Sharif was committed to judges'. He lauded lawyers struggle for rule of law, equating their movement with movement of independence. Hashmi said media had contributed a great in lawyers' movement and raising awareness among the people. Independent media is essential for our next generation, he added. Party worker beaten up by lawyers Lawyers in the rally on Thursday severely beat up an activist of Labour Party in front of the Punjab Assembly when he asked some lawyers to give him water to drink. Mehmmod Butt, General Secretary Brick Kiln Association, had allegedly used some objectionable words for the lawyers when they refused to give him water. They exchanged hot words, some angry lawyers rushed in and started beating Mehmmod Butt. The teeth of activist started bleeding and his clothes were also torn into pieces. Lawyers slapped on his face too. Some senior lawyers intervened and tried to save the poor activist but by then it was too late to help the poor man. Lawyers said the activist uttered filthy words when he was refused water and that resulted into scuffle on The Mall. Senior lawyers criticised the young lawyers for manhandling the activist on a petty dispute as this steps form the side of the Lawyers could leave adverse effect on their ongoing movement for restoration of Nov 2 judiciary.