I have seen an incredibly excellent article by Mowahid Hussain Syed in your esteemed daily on 4th May 2008. I have only the following to add: The title Weapon of words should have been "Tigers turn Turkeys". A very bold and excellent advise which is the need of the hour. Few parasites i.e. Zionists, Christian Zionists and Bania Zionists installed "Heads of Governments" on the sacred Ummah. We have to understand analyse and act upon taking into consideration the fact that the "Bank" and the "Media" are both controlled by these real enemies of our faith. Well done Sir, for a very timely wakeup call, all around. You really made me personally proud, not for the excellent piece, but for being a brother in arms thus defending our country and the Ummah in this endeavour. We should shake these Zombies from their lethargic "Hang over", of the last night and many "previous nights" of their existence and "habitual indulgences", which is sapping not only their energies but it is spreading despondency in the entire Muslim world. Dark clouds are threatening and shaking the very foundations of Rab-i-Karim's gift to humanity i.e. Pakistan. Who knows better than the writer that whenever the Ummah gets into a deep slumber a clarion call of "Hussaniat" always comes to its rescue. God bless us all.MIAN AZIZ-UL-HAQ QURESHI, Chief Coordinator, Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust, Lahore, May 8.