KARACHI (PR) - Institutions and entrepreneurs gathered at the first Middle East-Pakistan Agriculture and Dairy Investment Forum, which took place at Madinat Jumeirah on April 29, with high expectations of billions of dollars in new investments in Pakistan's agriculture and dairy sectors. Speaking to a group of more than 100 delegates involved in the agricultural industry, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman Abu Dhabi Group, said Pakistan's economy has seen extra-ordinary progress. He further said that agriculture is crucial to Pakistan's economic prosperity and investment opportunities in this sector are attractive. He also appreciated the efforts of the organizers "to present these opportunities to UAE investors" and "encouraged all potential investors in this sector to take a long-term view of Pakistan's economy as one of the emerging markets of the world" Naveed Qamar, Federal Minister for Investment, highlighted his government's willingness to facilitate investments and remove any bottle necks that the investors may encounter. Dr Hafeez Sheikh, former federal minister, emphasized Pakistan's excellent track record to attract foreign investments and hoped the investor friendly policies will continue with the incoming government.    Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan's contributions in the economic and social sector of Pakistan over the years were greatly appreciated and was given the largest foreign investor award at the forum. The objective of the forum was to showcase Pakistan's dairy and agriculture sector for Middle East and Gulf investors, and for compatible Pakistani and Gulf business houses to exchange contacts and experiences, and to network with a view of generating interest in investments and joint venture opportunities in the sector. Leading international experts shared their expertise and experiences and highlighted the immense opportunities that exist in this field. Huma Fakhar, managing partner of forum organizers MAP Group, commented on the motivations behind the event, and said, "The agriculture and dairy sector will be the next frontier for investors from GCC countries, especially with an impending global food crisis, where Pakistan offers an attractive agriculture production base for the Gulf nations which are dependent on imports for 90% of their food requirements." During the Forum, MAP Services Group announced the set up of a Middle East Food Fund in partnership with various Gulf partners to act as a food production basket serving the region. The fund will invest in the agriculture sector in Pakistan, Egypt and Georgia for food and food-related products to be produced for the Gulf region.