THE spirit of understanding and cooperation in evidence between the Ministers belonging to PML-N and PPP at the Punjab Cabinet meeting held on Thursday, with Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif in the chair, bodes well for the future of governance in the province. Welcoming the return of PPP Cabinet Ministers in the fold, Mian Shahbaz had, right at the beginning of the meeting, counselled the Cabinet members of both parties to forget about the bickering and tensions of the past and work in unison with each other for the welfare of the people with single-minded attention. In the changed climate of relations between the two parties that is a befitting response to the critical phase the country is passing through, the PML-N also seems to have reconciled with the fact of Governor Salman Taseer staying in office and the party leaders present there claimed that they had never asked for his removal. That ensures peace on that front also. In that helpful atmosphere of cooperation, it is reasonable to expect that the briefing and instructions of Mian Shahbaz would be heeded and the decisions taken at the Cabinet session carried out. The participants learnt from the concerned colleague that 3.4 million tons of wheat had already been procured and arrangements were being made to put the procured wheat in private godowns, in addition to government silos. Due resolve to maintain law and order and take appropriate measures to forestall a terrorist activity was expressed. It is hoped that both parties would do their best to maintain the present understanding that should pave the way for their cooperation at the centre as well. The country badly needs a unified and determined stand to tide over the crises.