ISLAMABAD- Government and donor agencies have almost ignored a small IDPs camp near Saidpur Market in G-7/1, where 48 families, each comprising a dozen members, are living in only twenty 7x10' stinking tents set up in the open. The inhabitants of the camp are passing through difficult times. They face acute shortage of tents, drinking water, light, sanitation and medical help. Had the generous traders of the nearby market not noticed them, they could not have found even a single loaf of bread to eat. These unfortunate people, who had to rush to the capital from the conflict-torn districts of the NWFP to save their lives, have no blankets to cover their bodies with nor have enough space to sleep comfortably, as more than 15 people are living in one small tent. Moreover, the camp has been established along a filthy drainage Nullah, wherefrom mosquitoes keep biting them all night. The inhabitants of the camp are suffering from malaria and a number of skin and abdominal diseases, but have no access to adequate medical help. We never thought life would get so miserable in this dying age, Farhat Bibi, an octogenarian said in trembling tone. Tasmia, a student of the Class-IV, was worried about nothing but her education. Her family had fled Swat in so hurry that she couldnt obtain even her certificate from her school. Khurshid Ahmad Khan, an inhabitant of the camp, who is the President of Peoples Youth Organization (PYO) Malakand Division, told TheNation that he had met Faryal Talpur and Minister for Interior Rehman Malik, who, he said, had assured them of all sort of help. However, he wailed, no one came to help them. He informed that a number of NGOs visited the camp and collected their data but never came back. He also lamented that CDA was pressurizing them to vacate the place despite the fact the camp was established with the consent of the government. Khurshid thanked the generous help of the traders of the nearby market, ICCI and City School and said that Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan was also helping them in person but wailed that there was no solid help from government or donor agencies. An aged Baba, Zarin Shah said that nearly all the women and children in the camp were ailing but they had no medical help. He said due to the overcrowded tents, majority of the camp inhabitants were facing psychological problems. The IDPs also revealed terrific facts about the humanitarian crises in militancy-hit districts of Malakand Division. A young man, whose family came to the camp on Thursday, revealed that scores of dead bodies and human organs were lying scattered in Buner and people had no time and sense to burry them. Another IDP from Swat, too, narrated the same situation. The inhabitants of the camp, disappointed from the government, appealed to generous people of the city to help them out in these miserable times. They appealed for provision of food, tents, medicines and blankets.