Jihadi movements claim that suicide bombing is a part of jihad and allowed in Islam. Basically these people are responsible for creating the wrong image of Islam in the world. They claim they are the true followers of Islam and all others infidels but actually they are totally ignorant of the basic teachings of our religion. Islam is a religion of peace and gives a message of human welfare. Suicide is not allowed in Islam, which equates taking the life of even a single innocent as equivalent to taking lives of the whole humanity. A suicide bomber not only takes his own life but also kills many other innocent people. This is the way they deny the basic teachings of Islam. In a recent statement, the TTP spokesman threatened to launch countrywide suicide attacks. He said they had prepared a squad of suicide bombers aged 15-20 including women. I want to ask them what kind of jihad would it be if a Muslim fights another Muslim in a Muslim country? -SIDRA YOUNIS, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 26.