CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah has reportedly demanded 37 percent share of irrigation water i.e. equal to Punjab from existing water resources. He has claimed the share quoting Water Accord of 1991. To set the record straight the above share of water was agreed in case of future water storages being built, including Kalabagh dam which was the only feasible dam in 1991. It appears Sindh has lost its claim to equal right to Punjab in water apportionment as it has not agreed to building of Kalabagh dam. The present shares are based on existing water resources since the past over three decades i.e. according to historic water rights and not as per Water Accord of 1991, which was essentially meant for future storage in which Punjab had sacrificed its share by allocating equal share of 37 percent to Sindh despite Punjab having 73 percent of the total irrigated area of Pakistan. The CM Sindh ought not claim a share that does not exist today only due to stubborn lack of cooperation by Sindh who blocked the construction of Kalabagh dam in such a way that today Pakistan is mired in the misery of loadshedding and shortages of water. This suicidal attitude of Sindh ought to be rectified if we are to move forward. CM. Sindh should not confuse the issue. -DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, April 25.