US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted that the US had, indeed, left Pakistan alone after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1980s. She told the House of Commons that the US has to take responsibility of its contribution in the turmoil Pakistan has been facing ever since. Bruce Reidel, Obama's adviser and former CIA official, who is currently in India on a visit told New Delhi that stable and prosperous Pakistan was in India's interest. Similar statements have come from many other American officials. But the question is that isn't the US insistence to continue with its drone attacks rather foolish? US is also not fully and seriously supporting Pakistan to equip and modernize its troops to effectively fight against the terrorists. And why America is not openly condemning the activities of BLA? Why is US playing a dubious, behind-the-scene role on this issue? Why it is not stopping RAW from interfering in Pakistan's internal matters? Why does it have double standards over the Mumbai and Manawan attacks? Pakistan has played a pivotal role in the war against terror but when Pakistan needed help, America left Pakistan in the lurch. I think Hillary Clinton needs to follow up with another confessional on these issues to make US administration mend its ways. -MARYA MUFTI, Lahore, via e-mail, April 27.