With the current shortfall reaching 8000MW, power outages have dramatically increased. While in the urban areas, loadshedding of up to 13 hours is being enforced, in the rural areas it has spiked to 22 hours. The pity is that despite virtually no electricity, the consumers are receiving inflated bills. The common man is quite justified in asking why the government did not start projects during the past four years. Regrettably, a crucial project, the Kalabagh dam, rather than becoming a reality is still a political football exemplified through the shadow boxing in Senate between ANP’s Haji Adeel and PML-Q’s Kamil Ali Agha. Mr Aagha’s stand that his party would not rest until they build the dam should be appreciated. The ANP’s opposition, which largely accounts for the indefinite delay, must be condemned in strongest of terms because this amounts to a national betrayal. As always the ANP Senator had no sensible argument in defence of his opposition. Our archenemy India is only too happy to see us wasting time fighting over this vital lifeline project and is diverting our share of canal waters through a number of dams in the Held Valley. There are reports that India is spending a huge amount of money to create an anti-Kalabagh lobby. One hopes that with energy crisis gaining horrific proportions, our decision makers would accept the urgent need of executing the project.