lahore - Asif Ali Zardari has been running PPP’s election campaign with money plundered from the state exchequer, former Punjab chief minister stated on Wednesday, also accusing the president of unleashing an anti-PML-N propaganda with the swag.
Shahbaz told a news conference here the day of May 11 would determine as to who practiced corruption and brought the country to a near-devastation, and who served the masses and contributed to nation building during the past five years. “People are sane, mature and they know who can serve them; therefore, they would elect the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz with vast majority in upcoming elections,” he went on to say.
Drawing a comparison between outgoing PPP-led government and PML-N’s former government in the Centre, Shahbaz said Zardari and his coalition camp had pushed the country into darkness and abyss of poverty, and let it overtaken by corruption, mismanagement and bad governance, while on the other hand, the N-League made the country a nuclear power; built Gwadar Port, new airports, motorway, Ghazi Brotha; and plied Metro Bus among a number of development projects for betterment of the economy. Shahbaz clarified PML-N’s election-related material and advertisements did not sling mud on anyone rather implored to the masses for the vote on the basis of its overall performance of the past five years.
Showcasing development projects carried out by his party government in the province, the outgoing chief minister affirmed he strictly upheld transparency and adopted a constructive approach while spending billions of rupees on uplift schemes. He also said performance of the PML-N government in Punjab was far ahead of that of the other provinces; even that of the outgoing federal government which appeared to be a zero before it.
About transparency of the projects undertaken in Punjab, Shahbaz recalled the Transparency International had branded Pervaiz Elahi-led Punjab government the most corrupt, and said it certified functioning of the PML-N government transparent through thorough investigations. It was the Punjab government that completed mega projects worth trillion of rupees, defeated dengue, and rehabilitated millions of people affected by heavy rainfall and ensuing floods, he averred, adding flood-affected people were mindful of maltreatment they received from the Pakistan People’s Party.
Speaking to the media, senior PML-N leader Ishaq Dar refuted the allegations levelled by Rehman Malik in a press conference the other day, saying Malik was the biggest liar who did not even shirk concealing the truth about his dual nationality from the Supreme Court. Dar denied having knowledge of a person named Ghani in Saudi Arabia, and said whatever Malik spoke about loans of Sharif family was simply a bundle of lies and a mere concoction. He added Malik in 2002 tendered apology in front of Benazir Bhutto for establishing fake cases against the Sharifs and its was on the insistence of Benazir that a commitment was made through the Charter of Democracy not to pursue bogus cases against each other.