LAHORE - The LPG Association of Pakistan has welcomed the move by the government to reduce LPG prices, assuring full support to bring the rate of it to minimum level in the interest of public.  Belal Jabbar, the spokesman for the LPG Association of Pakistan said that there has been no change in LPG Producer Prices since 3rd of May 2014. Currently LPG Producers have priced their product between Rs. 62,500 and Rs. 65,500 per MT (exclusive of taxes). These prices represent a significant drop from the prices observed last month when they were set at Rs. 75,500 per MT. LPG Companies and Distributors also reduced their rates following the reduction in Producer Prices.

“Currently LPG is retailing for Rs. 90 per kilo in most major cities of the country.

He dispelled the rumor that LPG Producers had further reduced their prices. Such rumor mongering has unfortunately forced some LPG Producers to curtail their LPG production in order to clear the excess stock piled up with them, failing which they would have had to either flare LPG or shut down their plants” said Belal