The Tehsil Municipal Corporation Attock has failed completely to perform their duties. There are dumps of garbage’s in the city streets in front of the hospitals and government departments. People cannot pass through them and many diseases are spreading because of no garbage disposal is being done. The current Sanitary Inspector has no idea how to handle the job as he has no experience or training regarding garbage disposal. He was a clerk at Choungi and is now appointed Sanitary Inspector on political basis.

He does help his benefactors, after all they got him such a lucrative job but the city is suffering. Now people of Attock are strongly protesting against his appointment and the shambles the city is in. We hope that someone in authority will look into the matter and appoint someone who knows how to keep the city clean. The people of Attock will be very grateful as ‘cleanliness is half Godliness’ and a part of our religion and culture.


Attock, May 6.