People have demanded the removal of the trash dump that is situated over acres of Pakistan Railways land and is spreading diseases.

The dump is established due to ignorance of TMA as well as the railways officials. The garbage is burnt and the toxic smoke affects the human beings. The residents of Bilal Colony, Haibat Kot, Basti Dost Muhammad, Chah Niazi Wala (Native town of MPA Nishat Ahmad Khan), Railway Colony, Khanewal Kohna are the victims.

They face severe mental and physical health dangers. In the main dump of Khanewal city, 75 percent waste of city is being dumped. It is a big ditch measuring about 5 acres having depth of 20 to 25 feet. it is owned by the Pakistan railways. Besides, more than 20 acres of its has been grabbed by mafia. Wheat, fodder and other crops are being cultivated.

According to Dr Saifrr Rehman, the people could face many diseases especially the one who directly exposes to the waste. People could suffer from lung cancer, brain hemorrhage, kidney and skin diseases.

He said that the government must take serious notice of the causes of pollution, existing in the centre of the city. MNA Muhammad Khan Daha and MPA Nishat Ahmad Khan Daha both live half kilometre away from the dump but they seem helpless in this regard. Besides, the people related to battery recycling throw chemical scrap of old batteries after extracting lead by melting as the acid scrape is burnt and the cloud is appeared covering the surrounding localities.