KARACHI -Ghani Gases became the first listed company to kick off KSE’s new initiative of Corporate Briefing Programme (CBP) with a comprehensive corporate briefing to KSE members and the investors.

The CBP initiative of KSE is aimed at enabling the listed companies to regularly engage with the investment community and apprise them about the latest performance and the growth prospects about their businesses.

Ateeq Ahmed Khan, the CEO of Ghani Gases briefed the audience that the company is in the business of producing industrial gases for the industrial, healthcare and other clients, and had the capacity of producing 110 tons of industrial gases at the time of listing.

He further informed the audience that the company is working on setting up two coal fired power plants of 6MW each to become self-sufficient in power and also get 50 tons of CO2 gas.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadeem Naqvi, the MD of KSE stated that the start of the CBP is yet another fulfillment of the corporate social responsibility agenda of the Exchange.

He said that CBP has been started to create more awareness about the companies.

He urged all listed corporations to make use of the CBP opportunity to create a strong bond with their investors. He said that soon KSE would launch a CBP calendar wherein the interested companies would be able to block dates for conducting their CBPs.