VEHARI-As the Government Post Graduate College of Commerce lacks the boundary wall around its Teaching Block and the hostel, part of it has been converted into a trash dump as permanent nuisance for the teachers and students.

However, the TMA declared the point as a filth depot and began to throw rubbish in this gap. Due to bad smell of filth, the residents around the area are facing continuous nuisance. They protested against this filth depot but TMA did not pay attention.

College Principal Muhammad Jafar Saleem invited several political leaders in different functions of the school where they promised to construct the wall but to no avail. The government constructs park by allocating millions of rupees but no single penny has been allocated for the school, he regretted.

As the school having coeducation lacks the wall, cattle often enter in the area of teaching block while college goods are stolen by the drug addicts. The teachers, students and their parents demanded that the Punjab chief minister should take a stern action to solve the problem.